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Dr. Libor Marko is a doctor with a lifelong practice in a field of public health care and toxicology. He has worked as a special assistant and a research fellow in a field of radiology at School of Medicine in Košice, Slovakia. He has performed as an expert for radiation protection of the population in Prague. He has been concerned with apitherapy for more than 10 years. In this field, he has even went through a traineeship in Russia where apitherapy is recognized as a medical discipline connected with the field of neuroscience.

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Dobré účinky pergy pozorujem na mojej pokožke a dlhotrvajúcom opálení.

BEE BREAD 50g eco

100% Bee bread

Manufacturer: Etami Ltd.

Weight: 50 g

Price: 5.90 €   inc. VAT


100% Natural Bee bread

Description: Bee bread is a unique natural, biologically active product with extraordinary healing properties. According to biologically active components contained in it (monosaccharides, 16 interchangeable and irredeemable acids, 13 fatty acids, carotenoids, vitamins E, C, P, K, B1, B2, B2, B6, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, copper, zinc, chrome, iodine, cobalt, enzymes and hormone alike substances) and their versatile and effective impact on the human body, similar product does not exist in nature. Since bee bread passes sour milk bacterial fermentation, the risk of allergic reaction to bee pollen (when the product is consumed)is lessened to minimum.

Bee bread is effective for digestive system disorders and for dysbacteriosis. It is a natural probiotics. It regenerates and normalizes beneficial intestinal microflora. At the same time, improving of metabolic processes occurs in the body.

Bee bread increases immunity, betters adaptogenic ability of the body, reduces fatigue. It enhances sight bettering, eliminates eye fatigue.

Bee bread consumption during pregnancy has proved beneficial for toxicosis and pathological causes prevention. It is effective during preparation of the body for surgery and also during convalescence in the post-surgery period. It reduces the risk of thrombophlebitis, betters blood circulation in the brain.

Bee bread increases the content of hemoglobin and red blood cells in the blood. Its consumption is recommended for asthenic symptoms, anemia. It is beneficial for endocrine system, relieves neurotic states, increases male potency. It improves overall condition and enhances metabolism.

Bee bread is also known as Perga or Ambrosia

Potential users:
  • It is beneficial to use bee bread preventively, but since it effectively adds probiotics to the body and betters digestion, it is beneficial also as a supplement for dysbacteriosis treatment.
  • We also recommend long-term use of this product to women prone to gynecological inflammations (wether they are of bacterial or yeast character). For chronic conditions, it is necessary to begin with doubled dose in the first couple of days of usage.
  • People suffering from anemia.
Usage: Half of tsp two times a day, chew and let slowly dissolve in the mouth, ideally 30 minutes after meal.
Nutritional value in 100 grams of product: Proteins - 22,0 g Carbohydrates – 34,0 g Fats – 2,0 g Minerals in mg: Iron – 0,2-4,2; Pottasium – 130-900; Calcium – 30-1000; Magnesium – 60-300. Vitamins in mg: group E – 170,0; C – 140,0; PP – 60,0. Energy value: 287 kcal/100 g

If you do not have any experience with bee products and are afraid (or even scared) of an allergic reaction, here is a simple tolerance test:
Chew a small amount of a product and let it dissolve in your mouth. If you do not notice any unfavourable reaction within the following 24 hours, it is most likely that you do not have allergy to these products.
However, keep in mind, that it is recommended to begin with consumption of any bee product in a very small amount and increase the dosage steadily.

​Recommendation: ​Dietary supplements and all the other bee products should not be used as a healthy diet substitute. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Store out the reach of children. Not suitable for people allergic to any of the product ingrediences. Store in a dry and dark place at a room temperature up to 26 °C and relative humidity up to 75 %. Protect from sunlight. Use within 3 months after opening.

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